MILAN – A few months after opening its first Milan outpost on Via Meravigli, Aēsop has doubled up with a second. Located on Corso Magenta and just a ten-minute walk from the original store, the Dimore Studio-designed space conveys the Australian skincare brand’s classic-meets-modern image. It’s a look well suited to Italy’s most fashion-conscious, forward-thinking city.

The designers say the idea was to pull in materials typically used in the butler’s pantries of large 1930s Italian villas, such as linoleum floors, Formica countertops, square ceramic tiles and ribbed glass. The Milan-based firm, founded by Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, is versed in blending antiquity with modernity. At Aēsop, the goal was to transform the selection of materials into ‘a contemporary version of the small neighbourhood bottega still so common in the vicinity of Corso Magenta’.

Many of Aēsop’s recent offerings have been decidedly neutral in colour, but its latest retail interior is a sea of deep green. Display cases feature rounded corners that soften the overall aesthetic, while pastel tones serve as a backdrop, allowing the products to pop out in an effective yet unaggressive way. Two large discs suspended from a canopy of brass rods shed a diffused light throughout the space.

The result is an ideal translation of Aēsop in the context of post-expo Milan, a place where projects like Wes Anderson’s Bar Luce at Fondazione Prada (Frame 106, p. 120) have managed to balance the city’s elegance with its industrious drive for innovation.

Photos Paola Pansini

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