A 296-page survey of 55 international ceramicists who bridge the worlds of craft, product design, fine art and architecture, New Wave Clay will hit the shelves on 10 April, but the presale kicks off today. The book will be available for preorder with a 20% discount until 9 April.

New Wave Clay is by no means encyclopedic. It is a very specific snapshot of a very interesting point in time.’ Tom Morris

An introduction by author Tom Morris establishes the exciting pace and irreverent tone of the book. As he puts it: ‘Clay has finally been democratised and yanked out of its ghetto by creative people […] who are embracing its unique qualities and none of its labels.’ The book focuses on these dynamic artists, craftsmen and designers. Their work is featured, not only in crisp studio images, but perhaps more importantly, in real environments. ‘More than anything, ceramics has allowed itself to be decorative again,’ Morris writes.

Featured works go far beyond pots into ceramic furniture, sculpture, murals, wall reliefs, small-scale architecture and 3D printing.

The featured ceramicists are arranged in four thematic chapters – Joy, Simplicity, Structure and Nostalgia – chosen because of the feeling their work elicits in the viewer. Throughout the book, contributions by artist and writer Edmund de Waal, interior architect and designer Martin Brudnizki, industrial designer Hella Jongerius, ceramics collector and curator Sarah Griffin and artist Grayson Perry, further help contextualize the revolutionary revival of this age-old art form.

The book features special contributions from experts in the field, who discuss ceramics in the form of conversations and essays.

New Wave Clay is an image-led, dynamic study of the exciting new generation jumpstarting this age-old art.

More than 50 ceramicists are organised into four thematic sections – Joy, Simplicity, Structure and Nostalgia – arranged by the feeling elicited in the viewer by their work.

‘Ceramics today are experimental, conceptual, energetic and considered. They speak loudly and are demanding of one’s attention, whether formally or in its principles. They ask why, not just how.’ Tom Morris

Don’t miss the chance to preorder your copy before 9 April for only €31.20 (regular price €39). Orders will be shipped immediately after the official release date of 10 April 2018.