Korean artist Sang Jun Yoo experiments with technological media to transcend the separation between art and design, creating immersive experiences that stimulate human perception.

Yoo's latest installation, Distant Light, explores the paramount role of light in experiencing reality. A room is transformed with curtain walls and Yoo has recreated the effects of haze and wind that makes the unpalpable sheets move. A source of light is hidden behind the moving transparent layers.

The artificial re-creation of natural elements such as light and wind highlights and amplifies the dependency of human perception on them. Once immersed in the space, the viewer is driven to walk toward the light source and to experience the obstacles that hide it. 

In a shifting play with visible and invisible forces, the work invites for curiosity and the process of discovering the surrounding through direct perceptual experience.

Distant Light will open on 7 May at the Parson New School for Design's Thesis Show 2012 in New York City.

Photos and video courtesy Sang Jun Yoo.

Parsons The New School of Design
66 Fifth Avenue
NY 10011, New York