Making a dramatic entrance in Stuttgart’s new Dorotheen Quarter is Eduard’s, a cocktail bar designed by DIA – Dittel Architeckten, which features a prominent curved-glass frontage.

By night, the illuminated bar exudes a warm, welcoming glow intended to suggest the mellow and intoxicating tones of a glass of Bulleit Bourbon – a recent arrival in the whisky world that’s known for its bold and spicy kick.

The copper finishes used as a leitmotif in the interior help to create the sophisticated whisky-hued effect. Lighting is key: an installation consisting of a grid formed by copper rods lowers the illumination level in the high-ceilinged space for an intimate, nocturnal atmosphere. Large round glass bulbs add a friendly feeling and make for an interesting play of of reflections with the glass façade. Above the bar, copper-lined lampshades contribute more warm tones, as do the rows of illuminated bottles and the bar itself, in shades of rust, with its own glowing downlighters.

The glass frontage links the interior of 100 sq-m and the outdoor terrace of 70 sq-m, allowing light and atmosphere to spill out onto the street and helping to shape an area of outside social space – an important acquisition in a new neighbourhood. Oval terrace tables and lounge chairs can accommodate 40 guests outdoors; about as many again can fit inside. The sunshades echo the lantern-like lines of the glass façade and add another visual link between indoor and outdoor spaces. Eduard’s entrance opens directly onto the bar with its traditional raised stools, ensuring that the view of the interior is just as lively as the view of the street.

The interior space is both tall and narrow. Dittel Architekten has made the potentially awkward dimensions work by lowering the ceiling visually with the copper-grid ceiling installation, and by adding a range of compact but varied seating options. There are high stools and tall, narrow tables in one window area, while in another a vintage leather sofa and lounge chairs alternate with concrete stools.

Then there’s an intriguing landscape formed by a block of stadium seating. In the raw, unfinished concrete that acts as the perfect foil for the shiny copper detailing throughout the interior, the stadium seating is topped with warm wooden panels, vinyl cushion pads in chocolate hues and small, iron-black circular tables. Acoustic panels in grey have been added to the walls to ensure that noise levels don’t interfere with conversation.

The name Eduard’s refers to Eduard Breuninger, founder of the well-known German department store and the retail and hospitality brand behind this venue and two others (Sansibar and Enso, both restaurants) that Dittel Architekten has completed in the new Dorotheen Quarter location. While clearly designed with dedicated night owls in mind, this destination opens at 10 a.m., starting the morning with croissants and coffee before moving on to lunch, and then later drinks and snacks, effortlessly taking its stylish sociable appeal from day to night.

Location Sporerstraße 16, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany