The unique business model of a hair salon in Osaka, Japan, is reflected in its minimalist design.

Designers Sumiko and Sohei Arao of studio Sides Core say the concept is based on background spaces that define photos. As social media increases exposure to other people’s photos, we are constantly bombarded with new sceneries. The designers say they wanted the salon’s space to be a ‘background that could provide individuals with a sense of experience.’

Donna is hidden on the second floor of a commercial building, meaning it doesn’t have a façade. Thus, the staff have opted to use Polaroid photos to communicate information about the shop.

Customers’ photos are taken before and after their treatments, as they stand in the minimalist salon space. Photos are then uploaded on the company’s website, with the bare furnishings seen behind each client. 

‘Those items aren't simply part of the shop's interior design; they are the very atmosphere of the shop itself,’ say Sumiko and Sohei. ‘People experience that atmosphere and take it with them to share with friends.’

Photos courtesy Ota Takumi.