Following the 2004 opening of the Dover Street Market in London, designer Rei Kawakubo has launched a second DSM shop, converting a dull office building in Tokyo into a store that reflects the brands´ ‘beautiful chaos’ concept.

Kawakubo, founder of fashion label Comme des Garçons, designed certain spaces and curated others throughout the theatrical six-storey shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

Abundant artworks help to break up the regularity of the former office premises, including the Pulse leaning pillars by Kohei Nawa, which surround escalators on every floor. Working to further divide the shop is the random arrangement of brands; luxury labels like Vuitton are presented on the same footing as streetwear names like A Bathing Ape, taking the customer on ‘a voyage of the unexpected.’

Site-specific installations by top talents can also be seen, including Wonderwall’s Mackintosh space, set designer Michael Howell’s Wasp Factory and Adam Kimmel’s ‘first ever shop in the world.’ Evidently, pop-up store inventor Kawakubo continues to influence not only what we wear, but also the way we buy it.

Photos courtesy DSMG.