Ongoing Sydney exhibition Down The Rabbit Hole presents works that prick, drip, croak and roar in an unpredictable and innovative exploration of daily Chinese life.  

The group exhibition is currently showing at the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney's Chippendale disctrict. Participating artists ensure an enthralling trip through various discourses on nature, technology and materials.

Artist Chen Chun-Hao used a spectacular 750,000 nails that dip and curve on a white canvas to create a modern interpretation of a traditional landscape ‘painting.’ Titled Imitating Fan Kuan’s “Travelled Among Mountain and Streams” from the Song Dynasty, the rusty pins form carved mountain ranges, ruffled treetops and a lake with the fluidity of a brushstroke.

However it is Taiwanese collective LuxuryLogico whose Solar (shown in the above video) pushes the viewer deeper into the rabbit hole. Lightbulbs and lampshades are propped together to form a giant sun and as they blink and twitch, accompanying musical crackles and pops. Solar stirs slowly, each visual and aural jerk tapping reality as the viewer is snatched along for the ride.

Down the Rabbit Hole can be seen until 1 August at the White Rabbit Gallery. Entrance is free.

Photos courtesy White Rabbit Gallery.

White Rabbit
30 Balfour Street
Chippendale NSW 2008