Narita Dreams Dairy Farms is a sightseeing ranch where kids and adults can learn all there is to know about the farming business. In 1987, 100 years after its inception, instead of supplying to large factories, the ranch also began to produce its own fresh products – such as dairy, sweets and bread –  using milk from the farm as the main ingredient.

For the retail store in Chiba, Japan, architect Moriyuki Ochiai designed an interior based on the distinctive characteristic of the brand’s products. The imagery associated with milk and the farm is evoked throughout the entire space.
Green gradient walls suggest the freshness of the woodland that surrounds the meadows of the dairy farm and unite the different areas in the store.

Sheets of layered resin board – a material also used in the roofs of cowsheds – are hung from the ceiling in the centre of the space. These boards have the same soft, semi-transparent characteristics as milk and when the radiant beams shine through them, a shower of light follows the viewer, changing its expression continuously when viewed from different angles within the 86-m2 space.

In all furniture pieces in the store, including shelving, counters and presentation cabinets, the Tokyo-born designer used organic curves to express the freshness and vibrant vitality of milk.

Photography by Atsushi Ishida / Nácasa & Partners Inc.