The team at Spanish ‘anonymous collective’ Luzinterruptus certainly know a thing or two about using light installations to enliven moribund public urban spaces.

Their latest effort uses 200 glass bottles to create a surprisingly poetic comment on Madrid’s vanishing public fountains. Mimicking water, they spout out of four fountainheads and run through the street in luminous streams.

The collective intends the installation as a critique of Madrid’s administration, which it says has allowed over half of the city’s public fountains to fall into disrepair or run dry over the last 30 years. This means losing more than water: the fountains act as social focal points that draw the community together.

The glass bottles in the installation originally contained not water, but the multi-vitamin supplement Infatrini, prescribed for a one-year-old girl Alicia; the bottled were saved by her father Fernando.