Romanian ‘eco artist’ Dan Cretu combines his passion for photography with a grocery bag’s worth of food to form his unique creations.

‘It may sound strange, but I don’t think I need inspiration,’ Cretu says. ‘All objects and things around us daily are possible subjects for me. The challenge is to transform a common object that we don’t notice anymore into something unusual, alive and appealing.’

Cretu says his ongoing photo series began two years ago, when having difficulty finding subjects to photograph. He says he randomly opened the fridge and decided to transform oranges into a replica of a bicycle; his first image was created.

‘Since then, I can honestly say I don’t look at fruits and vegetables the same way I used to,’ Cretu says. ‘Now, every time I go to the market I spend minutes in front of the fruits and vegetables tables, trying to imagine my next work.’

The Bucharest-based artist hasn’t had a gallery exhibition yet, but with fast-growing internet popularity he says ‘I don’t think one is too far off in the future.’