At the ongoing Expo Milano 2015, Ecuador surges the scene with a vibrant pavilion which encapsulates Ecuador's diverse cultures and landscapes.

Nine metre tall façades are sheathed with a multicoloured membrane of hanging chains. Designed in collaboration with Spanish practice Zorrozua y Asociados, KriskaDECOR's signature metal mesh forms a free-flowing facade which rustles in the breeze. Woven patterns are extracted from Ecuadorian fabrics and composed on the exterior of the flowing curtain. Hues of yellow, red, lilac, green and blue native to the natural landscape are applied to the folklore motifs, which intrinsically dye the strips of anodized aluminium. The sun as well as artificial illumination during the evening dances along the pavilion's 765 square meters of dynamic surfaces.

Like a jewellery box, the metallic structure contains three stories with 1200 total square meters of exhibition spaces which present the Ecuador's Expo theme: 'Good Life', with each floor dedicated to four specific topics. As visitors progress through the interior to encounter 'A Diverse Country' which represents the variety of environments across the nation. 'Foodstuffs as a Social Collective' explains the gastronomy and products which contribute to traditional cuisine. 'Live Well' offers a space to reflect while the final stop, 'Love', is a restaurant for visitors to engage the nation's rich dishes on a sensorial level. 

See the Ecuador Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, which runs until 31 October 2015.

Photos Marcela Grassi