A unique installation with fresh bursts of colour by Emmanuelle Moureaux immersed visitors in a chromatic floral world at Tokyo's cultural venue Spiral during the month of November.

Following a curving path, visitors were directed towards the double-height space where a 6-m-high wall of rotating flowers enveloped them, creating a dynamic colour gradient as part of the special exhibition Sense of Motion. It was designed to represent the client's innovative products that are an integral part of the show, ensuring a programmable movement that sets the display in motion.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of Japan's leading bearings manufacturers NSK Ltd, the installation sees 25,200 flower motifs aligned in regular three-dimensional grids, with each unit rotating on its axis thanks to the bearing's functionality. 

The designer's approach to colour mixing offers a show-stopping experience. With smooth movements of the individual flowers, teamed with the gradual differences in the range of 100 hues across the space, a spherical dance ensues within the different floral arrangements. 

As Moureaux explains, 'The same flower motifs spread like a garden as a scenographic element of the venue accentuate the sense of unity throughout the whole exhibition.' In an exemplary display of NSK's technology that allows such an appealing display of chromatic choreography, Spiral's space was temporarily saturated in a blossoming rainbow of floral colours at every turn.

Photos courtesy Emmanuelle Moureaux
Location: Spiral, Tokyo, Japan



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