With strategically placed mirrors, João Branco and Paula del Río's installation En el Tunel reflects a stone vault indefinitely.

For the annual Concéntrico 01 – an architecture and design festival in Logroño, Spain – Portuguese architects João Branco and Paula del Río transform a 30 meter long subterranean tunnel into an infinite passageway. Reflecting an antiquated masonry vault infinitely, two large mirrors which oppose each other are the foundation of the duo's intervention En el Tunel.

Upon entering from one end of the tunnel, visitors encounter a wooden structure with a peephole – a motif found throughout the festival which echos Concéntrico 01's circular logo – which invites them to peek through. Instantly turned into voyeurs, visitors witness a constricted field of vision containing the encompassing stone vault which goes on without end. Once their curiosity is piqued, they realize they can venture beyond the partition to test the limits of the space. People begin to instantly appear and move within the depths of the never-ending reflections while other onlookers unknowingly spy on their movements. Visitors can rest on minimal wooden benches, offering additional points of reference to the endless image.

Photos Eduardo Nascimento