Our latest book Powershop 5  showcases over 100 retail interiors, bringing you an indispensable source of information and inspiration. The book captures a selection of unique spaces with strong brand and client identities. The user experience is explored through the conscious efforts that designers take to encompass outstanding retail spaces – examining the design process, materiality, functionality and the overall user experience.

A key theme throughout the book is how designers utilise different materials and inject them into a space to create the ultimate experience. Through materiality the mood of a retail space is set with rich contrasts and attention to detail. Powershop 5  features a wide array of shops that puts materials at the forefront of the design concept. From raw unfinished concrete to smooth velvet, the contrast of materials incorporated into each design entices the visual experience. The pairings of contrary materials can either create harmony within a space or make a bold statement. It all depends on how the designers envision the spatial context and the emotions they would like to convey to the user. The book outlines these details and digs deeper into the design process and creativity behind each shop.

With eleven chapters, Powershop 5  covers a range of functionalities in the retail field. This diversity allows readers to explore the evolution of retail design across all categories, providing an exclusive look as to how designers conceptualise ideas and bring them to life.

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