The catering sector was certainly not one of the first to bring design attention to acoustic comfort. Nevertheless, in the past few years, examples of enlightened owners became more frequent, who engaged experts to design acoustically comfortable environments before considering the furnishings.

Another important aspect is that in terms of a company’s cafeterias, the owners are often more mindful of engaging and maintaining future customers.

An example is the European Space Agency in Rome, which offers lunch to 600 people a day in an acoustically comfortable, warm and pleasant atmosphere. Nearly 2000 sqm of 4akustik – a sound-stopping system produced by Fantoni – skillfully improved the acoustical environment of the canteen.

Fantoni's 4akustik is based on the tried and tested panel with high sound-deadening performance to improve the sound quality of environments, with a newly introduced formula which enables top health and safety performance to be achieved.

The panel conforms to the F4 star rating of the JIS standard, certified by the Japanese ministry and considered to be the most stringent in the world, relating to ultra-low formaldehyde content and therefore safeguarding of the health of building users. Resulting in a highly eco-compatible product suitable for use in public environments in which the designer and owner seeks technical performance combined with sustainable solutions, without compromising on looks. 4akustik also has a class B-s2,d0 fire rating (EC classification). Like the other products in the Acoustic Panelling range, its attractive appearance due to the numerous decorative finishes available add an extra visual dimension.