NECKARTAILFINGEN – The small village of Neckartailfingen, located about 25-km south of Stuttgart in Germany, has recently opened the doors of a new festival hall designed by the outfit Ackermann + Raff. Having won a competition in 2010, the architects have sought to redirect public life toward the Neckar River and the Neckaralle, an avenue of trees running parallel to the water.

A large, laminated-wood canopy is the main feature of the modest, single-storey structure. Underneath, the large polyvalent hall is bordered on two sides by smaller, solid service blocks clad in wood. The façade is completely glazed, allowing panoramic views of the river and the adjacent greenery.

Cantilevering beyond the building’s envelope, the roof structure creates a strong connection to the landscape. ‘The diamond-shaped grid was developed as an analogy of the overlapping branches of the Neckaralle,’ the architects say. 

Photos Thomas Herrmann
Images Ackermann + Raff