A NYC jewellery shop is displaying products using a glowing, encompassing installation appropriately modeled after a giant brooch.

The shop was created by Marc Fornes, the architect behind the THEVERYMANY name. Using 7000 brushed aluminium parts, Fornes pre-cut the material and assembled it into 28 sculptural modules using thousands of rivets.

The result is a complex system of intertwining tubes, which Fornes says resembles an ‘embroidered brooch.’

Meanwhile, unique lighting reflects on the aluminium structure, creating a golden aura. Designers at Focus Lighting say they imagined Fibulae to be a be a hidden jewel in a forest, glistening in sunlight by day and illuminated by an internal glow by night.

The 167-sq-m shop sells works by Los Angeles-based jewellery designer Irene Neuwirth. Her pieces are displayed in 19 glass cases positioned at the endpoints of Fibulae’s branches.

The installation can be seen until 12 October at 57 Walker St., New York (10013, NY).