Rather than stamping out the same design in every location, Fést is continuing its strategy of introducing different formats for gaining foot-traffic with its Rotterdam store by S-p-a-c-e Projects.

Key features 

Dutch interior brand Fést may have been around for almost a decade, but only in recent years has the name become more widely known. That’s thanks in no small part to the opening of flagships in Amsterdam and Antwerp designed by Pepijn Smit of S-p-a-c-e Projects, who is also behind the latest addition, in Rotterdam. A Ghent store is on the way soon.

After exploring a cinema in its Amsterdam space, Fést opted for an apartment-style co-working zone in its Rotterdam store – visitors can take a (Fést) seat at one of the (Fést) dining tables, testing out the merchandise during a work session. Smit took a site-specific approach to the established Fést aesthetic – ‘modern, playful and uplifting’ – by referencing the building’s graphic façade in the geometric lines of the interior. The building’s modernist character is further reinforced by a modernist palette of yellow, red and blue. 

Frame’s take 

Fést Rotterdam is bright and welcoming, but the brand’s experimentation with spatial usage stands out to us more that its aesthetic. The fact that the ‘apartment’ features flexible workspaces furnished with Fést (rentable via the Wise app) taps into three spatial design developments: one, that workspaces are becoming more homelike and less corporate; two, that retail must do more to bring in foot traffic; and three, that third-party apps can open up new opportunities for companies – without them having to invest heavily in additional infrastructure.