The futuristic capital along the banks of the Ishim River played host to over 100 national pavilions and exhibitions during Expo 2017 Astana. While most of them were disassembled once the Expo came to an end last month, Marc Fornes’s Minima | Maxima Pavilion was one that was built to stay.

Specializing in the development of ultra-thin, self-supporting structures, the New York-based studio Theverymany that Fornes founded in 2005 broke new ground with Minima | Maxima, its tallest and thinnest structure to date. A fitting match for the city’s sci-fi image, the 13-m-tall, self-supporting installation engaged Expo visitors of all ages in playful exploration and childlike wonder through its futuristic form.

The six-mm-thick, double curved surface is built out of three layers of white and pink aluminum stripes, arranged in zigzag angles to ensure maximum stability. According to the studio, if an egg were to be scaled up to the pavilion’s height, its shell would be a lot thicker.

Now that Expo 2017 has closed its doors, Minima | Maxima will continue to intrigue visitors as a permanent feature of the site which is planned to be the location of the new International Center for Green Technologies.

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