On 21 and 22 February 2018, Frame Lab presents a comprehensive showcase of the latest works and ideas that address critical global issues – from climate change, to the growing digital presence in work and entertainment spaces, to shifting industry trends.

Renowned brands such as Vitra, Dell and König & Neurath, will exhibit innovative new objects alongside designers including Zu Studio, The New Raw, Wellsun and Aectual – presenting everything from large-scale 3D printed floors to energy-neutral integrated technology. With a thought-provoking programme, an impressive guest list, and inspiring talks, panel discussions and workshops by industry leaders, here are five reasons Frame Lab is an event not to be missed.

Explore how the physical world is being renegotiated with digital technologies

The built environment has not been ‘real’ in the concrete sense for many years now. Embedded digital systems are dictating the working, living and learning experiences that take place within architectural forms. Investigate the complex relationship between analogue and virtual reality at the hackathon What Remains From the Analogue World? facilitated by Raphael Gielgen of Vitra and Laurent Lacour of Hauser Lacour. Or join an interactive workshop with Exozet to explore how VR technology will revolutionize design and create the perfect user experience. Renowned architect Uwe R. Brückner will also speak on the topic of Hybrid Spaces: Does the Digital Kill the Real?

Come see what the future holds for the spaces we inhabit and participate in the discussion on what this means for today’s designers.

Take a tour through the best interiors in the world without leaving the grand venue

The best interiors from around the globe will be on display in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. From nearly 900 submissions, the Frame Awards nominees represent the most innovative and intriguing projects, and their creators, the prestigious Awards jury, the honorary nominees, and stakeholders from all niches of the industry will be present to discuss and define what works, what doesn’t, and most critically, what’s next?

Get the forecasts on the future from experts like Floriane de Saint Pierre and Ben van Berkel

Leaders in their field such as Ben van Berkel (founder of UNStudio) and Floriane de Saint Pierre (founder and president of Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés) will discuss the changing landscape of design and architecture. From the workplace revolution of increased digitalization, long-distance collaboration and remote working, to how creatives can ensure their skills remain viable in a future of automation and AI, don’t miss Frame Lab if you have questions about what tomorrow holds.

Floriane de Saint Pierre will give a talk titled Shaping Tomorrow: What It Takes to Be a Future-Proof Creative on 21 February at 12pm. Ben van Berkel will give a talk titled Can We Work Alone Together? on 22 February at 11pm.

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge ideas and designs by future-forward studios

Frame Lab invites all the most innovative studios to exhibit how they are addressing human issues from the four angles of design: Me, We, World and Wellness. (Find out more about the four Labs here.)

For example, Space10 will explore spatial solutions to population density; Wellsun presents a transparent brick that functions as both construction material and energy generator; Studio Klarenbeek & Dros demonstrates algae as an ultra-sustainable 3D-printing material; and Nick Verstand experiments with materializing auras based on neurobiology.

You can’t afford to miss out

Modern creative industries are a complex, ever-changing, interdependent conglomeration of disciplines that require exhaustive attention just to stay relevant. The power of design to shape the future continually becomes more apparent as creatives are implementing surprising solutions to topical issues. Discover the latest collaborations, trends, and surprising possibilities for interiors in the 21st century by attending the event of the year together with the international players who are, literally, building the future.

For tickets and more information, visit frameawards.com

Location Gashouder Westergasfabriek, Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam, Netherlands