Monsters made from foam are taking Commes Des Garcons boutiques around the world by storm. Crouching, dancing, jumping or sneaking up behind fashionable mannequins, the creatures and their textured skin are expressing dynamic movement while remaining frozen in time.

Conceived by Dutch designer Niek Pulles, the Foamboys Monsters took shape after an experiment with extra foam cuttings from another design project. Individual gluing the pieces one by one to a mannequin, he noticed the black foam's beautiful, inherent interaction with ambient light. With reflections and shadows, the unique shapes and texture of the material became clear and the surface of the mannequin took on an optical quality.

After further experimentation, he covered the head, torso, arms and legs with diverse extruded foam shapes, producing captivating, graphic patterns. Since then, the human-like objects literally took on a life of their own. Installed in shops in Tokyo, Paris, London and New York, the Foamboy Monsters are stiff competition to their fashionably-dressed counterparts.