For last month’s Design Tide Tokyo, eight independent Norwegian designers paired up to create original kitchen wares that would be equally at home in Oslo or Tokyo.

The collection, Food Work, includes cups and coffee makers, trivets and trays that are simple, beautiful and extremely practical.

‘The objects have been designed for everyday situations in Norway – they are Norwegian. However, we have been inspired by Japanese culture – or rather, by our particular understanding of Japanese culture’, the designers say. ‘In other words, we have attempted to make Norwegian objects that could also be relevant for Japanese living.’

Here are our 10 of our favourites. Take a look in the slideshow above.

Dodo by Petter Skogstad
This silicone container is squeezable and designed for soy sauce or oil. 

Miso by Per Finne
These stackable bowls for miso are ribbed to provide grip and protect hands from heat.

Place by Hallgeir Homstvedt
This ribbed trivet comes in different pastel shades and can easily be stacked when not in use.

Tokyo Box Collection by Cathrine Maske
A series of sculptural glass boxes come in orange and blue, and the top can be used to serve food.

Liquid Light by Kristine Five Melvaer
A glass carafe comes on a birch wood plate designed to hold a candle, which is then amplified by the liquid-filled glass.

Svale by Kristine Bjaadal
This wooden, handleless coffee tray is designed to engage the user’s full attention.

Ori Salt & Pepper by Anderssen & Voll
These maple wood and corian grinders were inspired by origami.

Siska by Kristine Bjaadal
This elegant French Press combines porcelain, cork, wood and leather.

Good morning by Anderssen & Voll
This coffee pot is inspired by Japanese handicraft, Norwegian coffee cravings, and classic Italian pots.

Keepsake by Kristine Bjaadal
This walnut-shaped wooden capsule can be used as a small container or two separate bowls.

Photos courtesy Food Works.