Established 20 years ago, Frame is an interior design media brand that publishes industry-leading books and magazines with a mission to empower excellence of spatial design. Are you new here?

At Milan Design Week 2017, Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis demonstrates this brand mission in celebration of Frame’s 20th anniversary, designing a window installation for Aesop exclusively in the Corso Magenta store. The installation, Vedovelle Fountain, explores how water in motion can affect perceptions of materiality, light, and space while improving its environment.

Aesop’s enduring commitment to simple beauty, and its retail experience inspired by each store’s location and heritage, make it the ideal partner for Frame. The installation by Marcelis brings both partners together, embodying as it does design which gives meaning to a space.

Aesop Corso Magenta interior. Photos courtesy of Aesop

Consisting of two transparent monolith cylinders illuminated by robin's-egg blue neon, Marcelis’s Vedovelle Fountain refers to the Milanese vedovelle drinking fountains that provide the city's thirsty citizens and travellers with a continuous supply of fresh water. In this installation, water flows down from the tops of the monoliths in a graceful curtain and up through transparent tubes to play with the neon light and air bubbles. The constant motion of the water also gently purifies the air, and releases negative ions – just as waterfalls and ocean waves do, creating a sense of relaxation and restoration.

Vedovelle Fountain concept art courtesy of Sabine Marcelis

Enjoy Vedovelle Fountain’s beautiful three-dimensional play of water with light and transparencies from 10:00-20:00 only throughout Milan Design Week from 4 to 9 April 2017. And on 5 April from 9:00-10.30, join us for an Energy Breakfast hosted by Aesop to launch the Vedovelle Fountain by Sabine Marcelis.

RSVP now to attend the Energy Breakfast at Aesop Corso Magenta.

Location Aesop Corso Magenta, Via Meravigli 18, 20121 Milan