Situated on a farm in Chiba, the Dream Dairy Farm Restaurant by Japanese architect Moriyuki Ochiai Architects is a contemporary outfit in touch with it's rustic roots. Thanks to its immediate proximity to a dairy source, the restaurant's menu offers dishes made with fresh milk, yogurt and cheese. Not only does the menu express the food's ingredients but the restaurant's interior offers visual cues to the dairy-based meal that awaits customers.

A three dimensional lattice suspended from the structure's timber beams forms an extensive canopy across the dining area. Translucent resin panels are affixed to rectangular wooden frames, generating a dynamic suspended ceiling which offers unique perspectives from diverse angles. Minimal pendant lights hang from the framework at regular intervals, appearing as drops of milk. Hued in dairy-white, the layered geometric components reflect the space's illumination sources into a soft, overhead glow.

The venue is encompassed by a natural setting of untainted forest, a welcomed commodity amidst Japan's predominantly urban landscape. Surfacing the walls, a textured paint adds the appearance of soil to recreate an intimate forest atmosphere within the restaurant. Mimicking trees, rough wood accents on the column's surfaces adds a natural touch.

Photos Atsushi Ishida