Faith 47 is known as a brilliant street artist, but for her new show at David Krut Projects she assembled an installation of found objects and her own artworks, bringing the complex feelings and moods of the street into the gallery space.

Based in Cape Town, Faith 47 has always been deeply inspired by the street. Her on-going practice stems from her interaction and dialogue with the public space. She has always privileged those forgotten and derelict places where the harsh reality of living in a contemporary city makes itself evident. But in entering into dialogue with the urban space, Faith 47 is also able to reveal the potential and positive energies that flow invisible in it.

If the street is Faith 47's original inspiration, with Fragments of A Burnt History the artist translates the complex psychological dynamics affecting the city into the studio space. For the installation she has accumulated found objects, signs, leaflets and other items from the street and she has mixed them with new works. She has created a new series of monotypes produced in collaboration with the David Krut Print Workshop.

The objects can be read as symbols of the invisible psychological forces at play in the urban space. Their overlapping and juxtaposition, plus the artwork directly realized by Faith 47, offer a new way of reading and commenting on the complexities of the street, revealing new layers of meaning.
Fragments of A Burnt History is the first solo show of Faith 47 in South Africa and runs until 9 February at David Krut Projects.

David Krut Projects, Print Workshop and Bookstore
140 Jan Smuts Avenue
Parkwood, Johannesburg

All images courtesy of the artist and David Krut Projects.
Short video and photos by Rowan Pybus.