Continuing our brand new Frame Awards tradition, we are pleased to announce our jury for the month of October. Installing monthly revolving juries is an effort to become more inclusive, engaging and transparent, by opening up our judging panel to the entire spectrum of the design industry, inviting all to apply for a seat at the table. Bringing with them new perspectives and expertise to judge the latest spatial designs.

Spanning five continents and the entire design industry spectrum, we’ve appointed our latest jury with an even closer eye on gender parity, age equality and strong representation of people from ethnic minorities. Frame is committed to sustain its values promise of creating more opportunities for participation and offering our platform to designers, manufacturers and clients from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The newly appointed jury will vote and comment on submitted projects during the month of October.

Hand selected by our awards team from scores of applicants, we are happy to announce the second jury of the Frame Awards 2021, chosen for their vast array of experiences and professional insight.

Agnes Kwek, Design Ambassador for Singapore

Agnes Kwek is possibly the first Design Ambassador in the world, since October 2018. Based in Paris, she aims to deepen design relations between Singapore and Europe plus North America. Her role is to raise awareness of Singapore’s unique design culture and heritage, and help global companies from all industries (not just design) plug into Singapore’s dynamic design and innovation ecosystem, in order to access the fast-growing Southeast Asian market.

Bhavin Taylor, Founder at Bhavin Taylor Design

Based in London, Bhavin Taylor is the founder of the eponymous, award-winning interior design studio. Taking inspiration from his Indian heritage and with his extensive experience in both the fashion and interiors industry, Taylor creates unique spaces that are bursting with personality, using his motto "Love Colour. Embrace Pattern." He was on our #FrameLive panel about inclusivity in the design industry in June.

Mark Anderson, Director of Education at Domus Academy

Architect, designer and educator, American-born Mark Anderson transferred to Milan, where he has lived since 1991. He has always been involved in a wide range of projects, signing collaborations with private companies and institutions of the caliber of Versace Home Collection and Samsung UX; and collaborating with many design schools. Anderson has a consolidated experience in the world of design and its related industries and integrates an approach that involves critical thought and innovation that bridges the world of making. He has held the position of Director of Education of Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milan and is currently the Director of Education of Domus Academy.

Mao Jihong, Founder at Exception de Mixmind and Fang Suo Commune

Mao Jihong is the president of Exception de Mixmind, a fashion brand based in Guangzhou, and founder of bookstore chain Fang Suo Commune. ‘Reading and knowledge should be valued higher than luxury brands,’ Mao Jihong said in an interview with China Daily Asia. He says that traditional Chinese culture values reading books, but this seems to have been forgotten by many people as they have been chasing wealth. He is a frontrunner in the creation of contemporary spaces based on integrating fashion and culture. Best illustrations are his Fang Suo Commune stores: they not only sell books, but also food, drinks, fashion, conceptual housewares and gadgets.

Vicki Spielmann, Head of Brand Experience Design at Google

Retail experiences for two of the world’s most valuable tech brands. It sums up San Francisco-based Vicki Spielman. She has earned a reputation for blending art with commerce, and weaving technology into physical spaces to deliver brand experiences for experiential spaces for Google and Apple. She is motivated by ‘people, culture and the impossible’, continuously pushing boundaries to explore new methods of consumer engagement. 

Hooman Balazadeh, Founder and Executive Director at HOOBA Design Group

Since 2007, Hooman Balazadeh is the founder and executive director of Tehran-based HOOBA Design Group. Projects designed by Balazadeh have been praised and awarded by various national and international organizations. Alongside participating in several competitions as a jury member, Balazadeh has held international academic courses as well as various lectures and conferences. The headquarters of brick manufacturer Kohan Ceram featured in issue 136 of Frame magazine

Howard Duffy, Founder at HTDSTUDIO

The mission of Howard Duffy, founder of HTDSTUDIO, is to bring innovative excellence to architectural, interior, urban and sustainable design projects. Based in Brooklyn since 2000 and outside Stockholm since 2019, Duffy works with clients globally in housing, commercial and sustainability sectors. He has taught, lectured and juried at City College, Columbia, Parsons and the University of Pennsylvania. Clients include Financial Women’s Association, Nonprofit Finance Fund and artist James Perkins. He currently works with clients and institutions to create smart, sustainable cities, coordinating and deploying waste-to-energy technologies, circular economy, and agile, transformable infrastructure typologies in Africa.

Sam McMorran, Senior Lead at IDEO

After practicing interiors in London, Sam McMorran moved to China in 2010 designing retail experiences for Dalziel and Pow, before becoming the Group Creative Director China at Imagination. He has delivered experiences spanning industries for brands such as Natwest, Canon, Ford, Lincoln, Disney, Rolls Royce, Pernod Ricard, Huawei, and Adidas. Now working in Shanghai with IDEO as a strategist, storyteller and designer, McMorran works with teams to unearth truths about clients' businesses and deliver human-centered solutions. China’s ecosystem allows him to continue to push the integration of digital technologies within the built environment.

John Allsopp, Founder at Allsopp Studio

John has been an architect for 20 years, developing prime residential and commercial projects across multiple continents. Formerly General Secretary of the Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects and Project Director at Kelly Hoppen Interiors, he now runs his own studio in London with work characterized by creative collaboration and a personal service for homeowners, private investors and interior designers. A multiple international design competition awardee, Allsopp was recently included in the under-40’s group of the Power List in London.

Lauren Touhey-Otto, Head of Design at Kinzo

As Berlin-based architectural firm Kinzo’s Head of Design, Lauren Touhey—Otto focuses on materiality, sustainability, user experience and messaging. With a demonstrated history of working in the architecture and planning industry, her key projects include the central European branch for a global sports company, a sustainability-oriented direct bank, an innovation lab in Brooklyn and a health company HQ in one of Berlin’s historic buildings. 

Hu Fang, Founding Director at Puri Lighting Design

Hu Fang is the founder and design director of Puri Lighting Design, a Beijing-based lighting design company with a predominantly female staff. Master of aesthetics and philosophy from Renmin University of China, Hu Fang won a Frame Award with her lighting scheme of the sales centre of the Guangzhou Road No.1 Courtyard real-estate project. In an interview with Women in Lighting, she says: ‘As lighting designers, when communicating with architects and interior designers, we are often in a weak position. It is difficult for us to stick to our designs in front of them, and it is often difficult to convince them to accept our designs. While fully understanding the architecture, we need to propose a plan to promote its quality, so as to equip ourselves with strong communication skills.’

Franziska Heuschkel, Co-Founder at Space & Pepper

A multidisciplinary designer with an international background, Franziska Heuschkel works at the interface of business strategy, user experience and interior concept. She co-founded Space & Pepper, a studio developing user-centric spaces with a portfolio ranging from Coca-Cola’s innovation lab to HVNS co-living. Heuschkel says to be ‘on a marathon-mission to making slow, human-centric space design the 'New Normal'.’ She further worked in the conceptual development behind the new hotel development Berlin House.

Hana Ahriz, Co-Founder at Space & Pepper

Based in Berlin and Paris, Hana Ahriz designs spatial experiences and communities. Ahriz co-founded Space & Pepper, an agency developing space concepts through human-centric design. Ahriz says she ‘often sees a gap between the operator’s vision, users’ needs and design in spatial projects. We made it our mission to close this gap by following a holistic, co-creational approach. She also organizes one-of-a-kind travel experiences with her company Travelogue.

Vivian van Schagen, Founder and Creative Director at The Invisible Party

A graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, Vivian van Schagen is the founder and creative director of The Invisible Party. This Amsterdam-based brand strategy and interior design studio focuses on high-end retail and hospitality clients such as The Student Hotel, W Hotel Amsterdam and Nike Town London. Van Schagen: ‘My passion lays within designing and translating contemporary aesthetics into a brand's perspective. My strength is creating experiences where a brand and their audience connect.’ 

Nic Lee, Design Director at Waterfrom Design

Nic Lee directs Waterfrom Design, an interior design firm based in Taipei and Shanghai. A Frame Award winner, Lee approaches design in a light, poetic and playful way, often resulting in genre-breaking typologies for residences, offices and commercial spaces. ‘We do not want to create designs where the ideas are clear from the outset. We wish to create works that, after having lived in the spaces for a period of time, whether a month, a year, or a decade, the effects of time will lead to the spaces having different expressions and emotions.’  

Tracy Wiles, Principal at Woods Bagot

Before moving to Sydney, Tracey Wiles spent 20 years in Europe where she was a senior partner at Foster + Partners and later a partner at Make. As Regional Interior Design Leader for Woods Bagot’s Australian and New Zealand studios, she works at the intersection of architecture and interior design to create elegant spaces infused with an enduring sense of place. Tracey’s oeuvre includes a string of hotels, including ME London, Zurich’s Dolder Grand and Madrid’s Hotel Puerta América, major retail sites throughout Harrods’ flagship London store, Sydney’s luxury Opera Residences, and Lord Norman Foster’s private houses.

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