We are proud to announce that our editor in chief and founder Robert Thiemann has curated a documentary series on the future of living as part of a project led by the Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Centre. The films will be screened at digital culture centre MEET during Milan Design Week 2022 in June.

Frame founder Robert Thiemann and Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Centre's collaboration revolves around the concept of Tomorrow Living, which questions the role of design and technology in shaping our future habitats. The UN statistic that 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050 has been etched into public consciousness: from climate change to housing crises, our global society is facing challenges that cities, neighbourhoods and even our homes will need to respond to. 

Asking how these domestic spaces can truly benefit their users while promoting circularity, the partners enlisted the expertise of 30 international creators – from designers and architects to artists and scientists – who feature in the four-part documentary series. In the films, the creators pose new living scenarios fit for a mixed-reality future. The emergent concepts look at the ways technology will become ubiquitous at home, making it possible to design spaces that are more sustainable, healthy and flexible. 

Tomorrow Living represents Huawei’s research journey to explore future living scenarios and digital solutions to create greater value for society at large. Leaving poignant queries – and solutions – in the minds of viewers, the documentaries encourage a more innovative, conscious perspective of our most intimate spaces and increased collaboration between individuals and the creatives who can facilitate future habitats.

The screenings will be paired with an immersive installation  and exhibition experience at MEET, an Italian organization that supports digital culture and creative technology. Its Milan hub – designed by Carlo Ratti Associati – will transform into a cinema for the documentaries between 5 and 12 June 2022, to coincide with Milan Design Week 2022. 

Stay tuned for additional information about the concept, its contributors and more.