Whether the number of attendees – 1500 confirmed on Facebook – hit the expected high is yet to be confirmed but if it did, it will come as no surprise. The historic Felix Meritis in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets district was packed to the rafters for the launch of Felix&Foam where the wildly popular launch welcomed a diverse crowd.

The new hotspot is the culmination of a collaboration between Felix &Foam, Frame and Foyer. Inside the 18th-century building, guests found the new Frame Store – a pop-up shop over two floors – where i29 intervened in the Zuilenzaal interior with reflective partition walls.  

Local brewery, Boys, provided refreshments at the Frame after party while Niek Pulles entertained the crowds with his Foam Boys building up the party atmosphere.

The Frame store is located in Felix Meritis, 324 Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.