The way we work, live, shop and relax is changing at an unprecedented speed. The current COVID-19 crisis has forced us to shift our behaviours and create new ways of interacting with the world around us. We are now thinking and talking about our physical environments in completely new ways, while creating room for new opportunities and challenges within spatial design and its practice.

At Frame, our aim is to probe and push innovative approaches to spatial design and user behaviours; by asking challenging questions, we engage key stakeholders and design practitioners in candid conversations about how the world is changing and how humanity can respond. To amplify this conversation, we recently launched #FrameLive – a platform to tackle these issues through a series of online talks, workshops and panel discussions that will examine the nature of post-pandemic design.

Next on our virtual events programme line-up, we’ve developed a series of talks focusing on post pandemic design in retail, hospitality, work and living, featuring guests from some of the most progressive industry players today. The first talk in this series will be on workplace design. Watch online and participate in our interactive Q&A on Zoom, hosted by Frame founder Robert Thiemann.

#FrameLive: Post-pandemic workplace design – is the office now outdated?

26 May 2020 at 16.00 CEST

What is the pandemic’s impact on the workplace now that working from home has become the new normal? Will travel will be reduced to the bare minimum, and hygiene standards increase? Industry insiders discuss the opportunities and challenges lying ahead for workplace design. Frame Award-winning Ramon Beijen (creative director CBRE) and Francesco Messori (creative director D/Dock) in conversation with Frame founder Robert Thiemann.

This event is hosted on Zoom – register yourself to secure a spot here.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more talks and workshops every week. Interested in participating in our #FrameLive programme? Reach out to us to discover the possibilities here.