Orgatec opens its doors in Cologne, Germany today (25 to 29 October) with the theme for this year of New Visions of Work. At the event, which promises to offer a whole new perspective on the workspace and work environment, Frame presents ‘Work it Out’ as a groundbreaking stage for young creatives offering new visions of workplace design.

Introduced for the first time this year at the trade fair will be an area on the Orgatec Boulevard where a number of projects will be presented under the banner Creativity Works. It is here that Frame is to showcase its vision and approach to creativity at work, teaming up with graphic designer Elizaveta Pritychenko to explore how visual stimuli can enhance creativity and support wellbeing in our workspaces.

Tapping into the subconscious mind by means of otherworldly animations, Pritychenko aims to trigger imagination and innovation in the business environment through her visual project Dynamic Zen that she realised specifically for this event. Pritychenko comments, ‘Our brains crave change of settings, new excitements, new visual stimuli. We need some time during the day when we can get our thinking process to stop analysing and focus on something neutral. The complete and dynamic transformation of space is a solution, and it can be achieved through the immersive expression of moving images. Dynamic Zen is the attempt to take one step away from the rigid structures of the office into a dreamlike, fluid world – which is open to interpretation and provides space to relax, think and recharge.

Frame’s 'Work it Out' highlights the importance of the visual sense and how it can affect our work environment and performance through abstract moving graphics. Everything that appears in our field of view has inevitably an impact on our brain.

For Orgatec 2016, Frame has also collaborated with Ippolito Fleitz Group as part of the design firm’s special Re/Work Competence Centre, which will offer moments of inspiration throughout the fair. This presentation deals with future challenges brought on by digitalisation and diffusion of the work–life environment. The editorial team of Frame came up with thought-provoking questions and statements related to Ippolito Fleitz Group’s workplace designs which are graphical represented at key touch points to inspire visitors to the fair. Some of the statements can be downloaded as desktop wallpaper. For more information about this special event, click here.