In March, we covered an exhibition featuring Natalya Hughes’ work at Beam Contemporary. The gallery continues to offer us disarmingly fresh work from Down Under with their summer show, Framing Phantasm, which presents paintings and sculptures by three artists who work around the themes of dream and memory. The pieces displayed in this exhibition draw our attention to moments of detail that are isolated from the ordinary flow of our lives. 

Kevin Chin creates imaginary worlds with his paintings, which routinely entail empty spaces that startle and propel the viewer into a liminal space between fantasy and reality. Animals are often the thematic centre of Lucy Griggs’ watercolour works, which seamlessly weave together painting, photography and fairy tales to an effect that is both captivating and mildly sinister. Aimee Fairman rounds off the trio with her range of sculpture, installation and photography, creating microcosmic situations that explore landscape as a metaphor for psychological space.

Framing Phantasm is on from 13 July to 24 August. 

Beam Contemporary, Level 1, 30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne 3000, Australia

All images courtesy of the artists, Beam Contemporary and Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects.