A room-turned-artistic lighting installation in Freiburg, Germany, combines video, paint and luminescent effects to conjure questions about the future, bend gravity and showcase technology.

Freude auf Morgen features a darkened atmosphere with a network of light beams, black lights and video projectors to create a surreal, futuristic atmosphere of altered proportions and images.

The 3D tunnels made from red fluorescent beams envelope visitors in a visual experience, intended to ignite an excitement for technology. Meanwhile, screens hang suspended among the fluorescent light beams, playing projected videos.

The floor has a high-gloss finish to mirror the black lights on the ceiling and the other lights which criss-cross the room.

Freude auf Morgen can is commemorating 111 years of electrical engineering at technological company Alexander Bürkle. The project was created in collaboration by Chezweitz & Roseapple, kubix and Stefan Hurtig, and can be visited until 26 February.

Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle
Robert-Bunsen-Str. 5
79108 Freiburg im Breisgau

Photos courtesy Volker Kreidler.