BEIJING – It seems that as much as the population is caught up in the rapid progression of technology, humans are yearning for a deeper connection that can’t be provided by a gadget. That’s what GB Space had in mind when designing the interior of PH Coffee in Beijing.

The designers imbued the space with the romantic charm of the Renaissance while offering enough contemporary cues to satisfy the needs of its clientele. To honour the period of revival, a metal lattice structure – which is reminiscent of those seen in 14th-century Italian churches – is suspended from the ceiling. Its hard lines are juxtaposed by gentle archways.

Customers are invited to make their own drinks at automatic coffeemakers – a modern feature that also mimics the casual side of European culture. Taking into consideration the busy lives of office workers in the surrounding financial district, GB Space strived to create a space that offers a moment of respite. 

Photos Lei Zou