The vital role of social media in today’s retail landscape demands that merchandise not only be good, but also look good. Brands and stores are doing their best to impress on-and-offline audiences with aesthetically pleasing visuals to engage people with their products. Designers are going to extremes to create ‘Instagrammable’ interiors, often resulting in over-decorated, kitsch environments that render the tangible, in-the-moment experience of secondary importance.

AKZ Architectura’s latest retail project demonstrates the balance between superficial aesthetics and functional design by creating a memorable, photogenic retail experience for the Blushhh! clothing and accessories showroom. Present in Kiev’s fashion scene for the past few years, the showroom has been relocated to a minimalist space saturated in the brand’s namesake colour, with simple yet striking details for an accentuated aesthetic.

Blush-pink blocks used for retail display outline the overall white and grey walls and floor with metal clothes racks piercing through them. Natural and artificial light is maximized by foil-covered walls, profiled metal and mirrored surfaces that reflect light throughout the interior and create the illusion of a larger space. The minimalist yet playful result is finished with black and white Memphis-inspired patterned details, soft blush-pink materials in the dressing rooms, and neon signs and tubes. Whether or not you end up buying something, a visit to the store is guaranteed to net some likes from your Instagram followers.

Location: Zhylianska St, 54, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01033