GLASGOW – Like the masts of a tall ship, the façade of the Riverside Museum in Glasgow is topped with sharp peaks and pinnacles.

The structure’s roof is an incredible 2,500-tonne sheet of steel and zinc that has no supporting columns. Resembling somewhat of a wave, it symbolically connects the city and its waterfront. Colossal glass windows allow light to flood into the main exhibition spaces.

Inside the 11,000-sq-m building, exhibition spaces and attractions have been built into the structure; some, like a wall of cars and tank engine, were delivered prior to the exterior walls  due to their size.

'It's wonderful to see that the new museum has captured everyone’s imagination,' says architect Zaha Hadid, who realized the project incollaboration with Capita Symonds. 'Such passion for innovation and discovery from all members of the community is very exciting.'

The museum is located in the city’s harbour development area, which used to be full of industrial shipyards.

Photos courtesy of Lenny Warren (Warren Media) and Culture & Sport Glasgow

Riverside Museum
100 Pointhouse Place
Glasgow, G3 8RS