Considered the world's first all glass structure, glastecture 'air flows there' by Kohki Hiranuma will debut at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. The Japanese architect's serpentine glass construct responds to Rem Koolhaas' biennale theme which states 'We want to take a fresh look at the fundamental elements of architecture - used by any architect, anywhere, anytime - to see if we can discover something new about architecture.' Solely joined with resin, the seamless intersections of the curved panels will form stress torsions which are distributed towards the ground along these paths, acting as beams.

The pavilion's uneven surface will distort the sun's rays, seeming to change shape throughout the day. Due to its transparency, those inside will feel closer to the natural scenery of Palazzo's entrance garden which will encompass the construct. Opening to the public on 7 June, the installation will be situated within Palazzo Mora, an offsite venue of the Biennale located in the northern district of the city: Cannaregio.