One man’s junk is Glore Store’s treasure thanks to Marcos Aretio and Udo Kloos, whose Stuttgart-based retail design utilizes recycled bicycles and boxes.

Glore – a retailer who stands for sustainable design and global responsibility – sells garments from companies that not only respect fashion, but also the natural resources used to make it.

To best represent Glore, Aretio of Markmus and Kloos from Neoos took to the streets of Stuttgart for inspiration. ‘We made a link with the most sustainable form of transport, particularly in our city,’ says Aretio. ‘In Germany, biking is most common when the weather allows it.’ The result? The transformation of four used bicycles into amusing display methods that showcase garments spinning from old wheels or hanging from distorted frames.

Further embracing sustainability, the designers collected boxes from within the community to use for a creative lighting element. From what was once a mundane ceiling hang playfully illuminated cubes. ‘The lighting was the biggest challenge,’ says Aretio. ‘We had to install 120 cardboard boxes, each held up with small pins, at different levels.’ The team collected fruit boxes and old wood to create additional furniture pieces for the shop.

Interestingly, Glore initiated the collaboration between Aretio and Kloos. Introduced by the owner in the Nuremberg store, the pair met for coffee before Kloos accepted the offer to work with Aretio on an upcoming project. ‘Co-working with Udo was a great experience,’ says Aretio. ‘We have different styles, but we always came to a point in the design that we wouldn't normally get to ourselves. Now we’re thinking of converting his studio space into a temporary pop-up tapas bar, just for fun.’ For now, this design team is planning future collaborations ‘in English, of course,’ jokes Aretio. ‘German takes time to learn.’