US-based manufacturer Chemetal creates the many moods of metal for interior projects of all kinds with its metal designs and laminates. This year, Chemetal launched Glowing Metals, an energetic collection of 36 new metal surfaces that add warmth to modern designs and bring interior spaces to life.

‘Glowing Metals is really about “glowing” warmer metal colours,’ says Chemetal creative director and president Geoff Schaefer. ‘It’s also about “glowing” energy, like the colour and fun of our new Printed Metals and our embossed larger scale reflective designs.’ The company’s largest new product launch ever, the Glowing Metals collection includes polished patterns with mirror-like finishes that create tactile and interesting surfaces, bringing new depth to interiors.

Shown above is Chemetal’s 901 Triangles in reflective anodized aluminium. With 11 new Classic Metals in this collection, new additions include Polished and Brushed Bronzes, a lighter Champagne Brass, Antiqued Copper, Rose Gold, and Blue Brushed Aluminum.

A selection of Anodized Classic Metals from Chemetal's Glowing Metals collection.

Classic Metals emulate the look of more expensive metals in high pressure laminate (HPL) and anodized aluminium, which are more affordable and easier to fabricate. Available in 4-by-8-inch and 4-by-10-inch sheets plus custom sizes, the high-quality HPL metals are sourced from Germany, while the anodized aluminium is made in the USA with up to 75% recycled content, which improves LEED ratings.

Chemetal has also added eight new Printed Metals designs; rich, dynamic designs in aged brass and steel as well as more modern patterns, printed on aluminium. 

Printed Metals are available in 4-by-8-inch sheets.

Chemetal, a family-owned company that has been in the business for over 50 years, prides itself on quality design materials and customer service. Chemetal makes many of its metal designs in-house; brushing, aging, and adding a patina to metals such as aged copper and oxidized brass.

Besides Chemetal, an international source of metal designs and laminates, the company also offers two other product lines: Treefrog Veneer, a prefinished wood veneer laminate from Italy, and Interior Arts, HPL design laminates.

New Glowing Metals HPL designs in Metalwave Bronze and Vintage Mesh aluminium offer embossed, textured metal with the installation ease of a laminate backer.

The new 943-D, domes in polished bronze.

Glowing Metals is really about “glowing” warmer metal colours and energy