Interface’s goal is that all carpet tiles be made from fully recycled materials and used carpet tiles are converted into raw materials for new products.

In 1994, Interfacebegan to change the way it approaches business, seeking to adopt a more eco-friendly and sustainable ethic of manufacturing. This journey is called Mission Zero and has transformed not only Interface’s business, but the industry itself. Interface has made significant progress along the way. 

Fotosfera – Pioneering bio-based nylon
Later this year Interface will launch Fotosfera, a pioneering collection made from yarn with 63 per cent bio-based content. The key ingredient? Oil from the seeds of castor bean plants. These beans grow on marginal land where other crops often struggle, providing farmers with additional income and often generate revenue over 10 times what it cost to start the crop.

Biosfera I – Beyond what was possible
In 2011 Interface introduced Biosfera I; the world’s first collection of carpet tiles made using 100 per cent recycled nylon yarn. To reduce the impact even further, an incredibly low amount of yarn is used without compromising performance. This way, Interface tackles the single largest contributor to environmental impact among all the raw materials in a carpet tile.

TacTiles – Beyond product
TacTiles™ are innovative, sustainable and present a whole new way of installing Interface carpet tiles without the need for glue. TacTiles™ are small, clear plastic adhesive squares that can be placed underneath carpet tiles to fix them firmly to each other. This patented system creates a ‘floating’ floor layer, so flooring is fastened tight but not stuck permanently in place.

ReEntry – Beyond the end of life
The ReEntry® scheme is another example of Interface’s commitment to reclaiming as much end-of-life product as possible and reducing volumes sent to landfills. ReEntry® makes a little go a long way. For a small fee, Interface arranges for any Interface carpet to be diverted from landfill and re-purposed.

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