MUNICH – The brief from Oberpollinger department store to Berlin-based studio Gonzalez Haase AAS wasn’t simply about design. It asked for ‘a certain attitude’ – an experience that would enable customers to identify with the rough and energetic vibe of the city the designers call home. It’s with this intention that the office reimagined the John Pawson-designed building’s 3,600 sq-mlower level, which houses the childrenswear and toys departments in addition to the newly added urbanwearand accessories zones.

Reappropriating their definition of ‘Berlin style’ – something the designers coined back in 2003 when conceiving concept stores for Andreas Murkudis across Germany – Gonzalez Haase AAS left the essential structure of the interior raw, an industrial aesthetic that contrasts with reflective display surfaces. The pair describes the approach as transferring the classic parameters of an art space onto retail spaces. Such interiors should be easy to understand, incorporate simple lighting and utilize raw surfaces that feel almost thrown together from inexpensive materials.

Photos courtesy Gonzalez Haase AAS © Thomas Meyer

Location Neuhauser Strasse 18, Munich, Germany