DAEGU – A proposed library in Daegu, South Korea, presents a four-storey building shaking up the typical library vernacular.

Designers at TheeAe LTD. say people are using libraries less as mobile phones, Kindles, computers and other technological devices make access to information more fast and accessible. Thus, the concept for the Gosan library is to create relaxing space encouraging a slower-paced return to classic literature – but a digital data corner and exhibit area will challenge the typical library regime.

In order to create private reading areas, they distanced book shelves further apart than normal. The resulting shelves create an architectural arrangement in themselves, creating a more unique alternative from classic straight-rowed library shelves.

‘The space we imagined for the library is about being user friendly, so the space should be
well lightened by the sun,’ designers say. ‘Hence, a mass of rectangular skylights are stretched to pass through the each book section, allowing a proper opening for light from the sky to pass through.’