The Czech studio was challenged to expand upon their concept for a Prague Argentinian restaurant while utilizing existing elements from the former, relocated, space.

When Prague restauranteur Juan Cruz Pacin was faced with moving his Argentinian restaurant Gran Fierro to a new location in the Czech capital, he knew the people to call. Five years prior Cruz Pacin had worked with Formafatal to devise an interior to embody his hospitality concept. And he knew that the original designers were the only creatives who could do so again, all while developing the vision to reflect the evolution of the restaurant. Much of the equipment and furniture at Gran Fierro I is from the former space, but Formafatal’s work exemplifies how reuse doesn’t need to mean redundancy. They juxtaposed the existing elements with new construction materials, such as raw concrete, exposed steel beams and iron bars.

Their commitment to show the changing face of the restaurant explains why charcoal plays such a dominant role in the new interior. It symbolizes the fact that Cruz Pacin and his team recently opted to swap the integral element of Argentinian cooking for bio-charcoal, which they make from the vegetable waste of the kitchen. A key feature of the 390-sq-m restaurant space is an entrance displaying charcoal pieces like ‘jewels’ within concrete blocks. In the back of the interior, the designers continued the use of material by constructing a vaulted ceiling from levitating fragments.

Location Myslíkova 8, 110 00 Nové Město, Czech Republic