Paying homage to the written word and the history of each city in which it engages, a kiosk in NYC has been made entirely of newspapers.

In fact, the Aesop shop – which is inside Grand Central Station – has been made out of 1800 copies of The New York Times. Powder-coated in steel, the stacks of newspapers were pressed into a solid mass, forming layered stands upon which products can be displayed.

According to Aesop, the kiosk is located in a popular area for commuters, making the use of newspapers a perfect fit.

‘It’s like a handshake to New York,’ says Giovanni Lepori, general manager and president of Aesop Americas. ‘It’s situated in an information centre, and the use of the papers is like our personal greeting to commuters.’

This is the Australian brand Aesop’s first stand-alone store in the USA. The design was completed by Aesop’s Director Dennis Paphitis and NY-based architect Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox.