White walls may not be fuelling your inspiration-meter anymore. For those in favour of a decidedly less minimalistic approach to surfacing, these seven graphic tile and wall covering collections can turn a lacklustre space into a bold, uplifting environment.



Florim brand CEDIT worked with Elena Salmistraro to bring Chimera to life, a new collection of large-format porcelain stoneware slabs. The surfacing uniquely reproduces the texture of leather and fabrics for a tactile, layered effect. Four visual themes – Empatia, Radici, Ritmo and Colore – combine different graphic and colour codes. ‘Chimera is like a book with four different chapters,’ says Salmistraro. ‘I set out to differentiate these graphic motifs to create four totally different stories.’




A range of 41 different hand-designed patterns represent the diversity of Mutina’s Mattonnelle Margherita line of glazed porcelain stoneware tiles, developed with artist Nathalie Du Pasquier (cover image). The imaginative collection is suited for floors and walls alike and gives way to a variety of graphic possibilities for interiors. ‘The pieces of Mattonelle Margherita can be combined in so many ways, just like old-fashioned ceramics,’ says Du Pasquier, ‘but they are also extremely contemporary, without heeding passing fashion.’



Gilles De Brock

Self-proclaimed designer-turned-tile-maker Gilles De Brock built a CNC machine by hand to be able to print bespoke graphics on tiles. Originally constructed by De Brock to make designs with acrylic paint on paper and textile, the machine has now been developed to extend its functionality to the hard surfaces. The digitally printed marble textures depict abstract forms and vibrant compositions.


Photo: Courtesy of Texturae



Italian wallpaper company Texturae turned to DWA Design Studio to come up with Tide, a design that makes spaces distinct with the marriage of colour and geometry. The wall coverings mix unexpected tones, forming patterns that appear like optical illusions. Texturae and the studio describe Tide as a ‘perpetual game’, one that evokes the ‘wave motion of a fantasy in a fluid versatility’.


Photo: Mattia Balsamini


Del Savio 1910

Vague, Dot and Optic (pictured) are three variations of Opus Certum, a contemporary take on Palladian flooring created by Treviso-based studio Zanellato/Bortotto for Del Savio 1910. The surfacing was developed by positioning irregular pieces of marble and other natural stones into a composition, arranged by details using both modern tools and traditional manual techniques. The marble’s swirls and veins are juxtaposed against various patterns of coloured cement to generate unique motifs.




A ceramic wall covering in a resin look, Resina is a surfacing line from Marazzi Group’s Ragno brand. Measuring 0.6 x 40 x 120 cm, the collection’s silky surfaces boast six colours, two three-dimensional structures, two mosaics and three decors that can be installed in unique compositions.




Creative consultancy, product design and image production studio Terzo Piano and wallpaper design house Or.nami collaborated on Graphic - Manifesto, a range of eye-catching surfacing. ‘Vertical elements, hatching, pointillism, braiding and lattices’ are joined to give the four wallpapers – each with two variants – their distinctive look, emphasizing contrasting colourways and dynamic geometries.