Dutch design studio De Organisatie has realized an exhibition for Greenpeace, focusing on marine life and the benefits of marine reserves.

According to designer Kimmo de Reuver, the concept is arranged as an ‘abstracted marine world.’ Walls are painted matte black, while a massive installation – which doubles as seating for guests – illuminates in various changing hues.

The exhibit is designed with two key shades: blue (highlighting life in marine reserves) and red (life without marine reserves). When the giant undulating installation radiates red, corresponding red texts are visible and blue texts are dimmed. Vice-versa occurs when the installation turns blue. This concept allows visitors to experience a spatial transformation and understand

Contour lines are drawn on the floor, offering a navigation system; the concept was inspired by isobaths, or imaginary lines drawn on maps to connect points below the surface of water.

The exhibition can be visited at the Oceanium in the Rotterdam Zoo, the Netherlands.

Rotterdam Zoo
Blijdorplaan 8
3041JG Rotterdam
The Netherlands