South Korean city Yeosu is receiving a lot of attention today, as for the next three months it will be home to the EXPO 2012, which opens today.

A unique 2000-sq-m pavilion site has been realized by German design firm Atelier Brückner for GS Caltex, a Korean oil company. Resembling an oversized rice field, the structure is made of 380 giant ‘blades’ that sway like grass in the wind. By nightfall, the 18m-high touch-sensitive poles shine in various hues, brightening the night sky with a luminescent wave.

‘Their continuous motion symbolises the never-ending flow of energy in nature,’ says Prof. Uwe R. Brückner of Atelier Brückner, who calls the site an ‘energy field.’

In the centre of the blades is a star-shaped pavilion with mirrored façades, making it appear as though the surrounding ‘energy field’ is endless. The pavilion contains exhibition space for CS Caltex, including a photo show of images about the company’s sustainable energy endeavours. On its top floor is a 7m-high round room where the images are projected on a panoramic surface.

Photos courtesy Nils Clauss and Atelier Brückner.