DELME – What has been a prison, school and funeral home is now a striking gallery and visitor centre in Delme, a village about 365km east of France.

The building has been coated in thick white layers of polystyrene, giving it an almost cartoon-like appearance on its plot. In an attempt to revive the property – which belongs to the Centre d'art Contemporain-La Synagogue de Delme – artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus revamped the structure’s façade.

Keeping in mind the building’s prior functions, the pair attempted to turn it into a ‘ghost’ house – ‘a veritable architectural phantasmagoria.’ The name was inspired by artist Marcel Duchamp’s wordplay project: A Guest + A Host = A Ghost.

The building houses a visitor centre, studio, gallery and event space. It rests next to Delme’s Centre for Contemporary Art located inside the 19th-century Synagogue of Delme. The renovation project was a public commission.

Photos courtesy of OHDancy