Trampoline may not be the most popular Olympic discipline, but with Steve Harries' Gymnast: In Motion! it is difficult not to be hypnotised by it.

Collaborating with six professional gymnasts, photographer and director Steve Harries has created a work of impeccable elegance, where the visual combination of form and rhythm captivates the viewer in a moment of impermanent perfection.

Produced by Abi Hodson at Onesix7 Productions, Gymnast: In Motion! captures the graceful and seemingly effortless movements of athletes bouncing on a suspended rig. Six mirrors were hung on the ceiling in different angles, while a camera tower captured the reflected images. The result is the repetition of the bodies fluctuating in the air.

We are used to the perfection of athletes' bodies, but we rarely consider how such perfection is expressed in movement rather than in the stasis of a photograph. With its rhythm and slow motion moments, and enhanced by Cliff Martinez's music, Harries's short offers a magic glimpse into absolute beauty.

Gymnast: In Motion! is now opening screenings of Michelangelo Antonioni's Red Desert at Curzon Cinema, Soho, London.

Photos courtesy Steve Harries.

Curzon Cinema
99 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 5DY