It’s an unlikely combination – a Japanese-Brazilian restaurant in Athens – but design elements combine for one fluid space.

Inspired by a traditional Japanese house layout, the restaurant has a strong balance of open space and closed ‘internal’ space – also known as the ‘oku’ and ‘ma’ in Japanese. The former can be found at the entranceway and bar, while hanging bamboo screens create more private areas towards the rear.

‘To achieve a gradient between open, social, intimate and private spaces, we raised several individual dining rooms up above the ground floor,’ explain k-studio designers of the 200-sq-m space.

The bamboo ‘lanterns,’ as the designers call them, are stacked on top one another to create partially-enclosed corners of space. As if sitting in a bamboo forest, the hanging structures create private rooms for diners to eat in private while feeling connected to the ambiance.

Photos courtesy of Yiorgos Kordakis.