Seoul’s Haus Dosan is the first iteration of a multi-brand retail concept being built up by the innovators at Gentle Monster.

In recent years eyewear retailer Gentle Monster has turned heads with its next-level shop interiors, driven by otherworldly design concepts and installations to match. The in-house team is taking their vision a step further with Haus Dosan, a multi-brand flagship in Seoul’s Dosan Park. In addition to the fashion retailer’s goods, the store gives a platform to cosmetics label Tamburins and dessert maker Naduke. Those familiar with Gentle Monster’s imaginative approach will not be disappointed by Haus Dosan, which is centred on the theme of ‘Unopened:Future’.

The brand collaborated with a team of renowned multimedia artists to create a universe within a universe on each floor. Interventions from the likes of Frederik Heyman and Jonas Lindstroem define key areas in the Gentle Monster zones. In the light, neutral Tamburins space, collaborative art pieces showcasing the work of Chulan Kwak, Mercedes Vincente and Casper Kang are present; an installation by Andrea Artemisio grounds the monolithic Naduke boutique. Yet, the feature that is perhaps most symbolic of Gentle Monster’s avant-garde retail narrative is a six-legged robot on the third storey – birthed after a year of research in the brand’s very own robotics lab.

This is not the first time that Gentle Monster’s design team has been tasked with creating interiors for external brands – in 2019, they developed an entire department store in Beijing. However, it does mark the beginning of the retailer expanding upon its own label independently. Future Haus locations – a larger opening is already planned for May, in Shanghai – will give way to further brand partnerships and, certainly, more interior innovation.

Location 50 Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea